Baby & Children Swimming Lessons in Godstone, Oxted and Westerham

Parent and Baby Swimming Lessons

Parent & Baby

With songs and games, our professional baby instructors will work with you and your baby on basic swimming and water safety skills through our curriculum.

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Parent and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Parent & Toddler

We have two toddler groups – Junior and Advanced Junior for toddlers between 3 and 4 years of age.

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Children's Swimming Lessons

Children's (4+)

Older children who do not need their parent to accompany them in the water will learn core swimming techniques and survival skills.

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One-to-One Swimming Lessons


We offer private lessons for swimmers who benefit more from 1-2-1 attention.

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Our aim is to teach children to swim in a safe and fun environment. Our curriculum is delivered by a team of highly qualified teachers led by Dotty Harris, the founder of Little Fishes and teaching professional with over 20 years experience developing swimmers of all ages. Dotty combines her years of swim teaching and education practice to deliver an amazing programme that empowers parents to teach their babies to swim underwater, developing core swim techniques and confidence in children as well as life saving skills from a very young age.

Why Choose Little Fishes?

  • Great fun – Our classes are designed to be enjoyable and fun for babies, children and parents too. Your children will enjoy learning to swim with us, giving them confidence in the water from an early age. It’s also a great place for parents to make new friends.
  • Fantastic value for money – Being parents ourselves we know how expensive it can be to bring up children, that’s why we keep our prices as competitive as possible.
  • Experience – Dotty’s wealth of experience teaching children and babies to swim has allowed her to develop a unique program which teaches children important swimming and lifesaving skills whilst remaining fun and enjoyable. Our young swimmers gain confidence and self-esteem as they achieve the goals set through our programme. All of our instructors are qualified and experienced.
  • Health – Swimming is great exercise for children and helps to develop the muscular system, heart, lungs as well as improving co-ordination and motor skills. Parents also benefit, it’s a terrific way to help get back in shape after pregnancy.
  • Bonding – teaching a baby to swim at an early age can be an experience that helps strengthen your natural bond with a baby. It’s a great way for Dad’s to get involved too.
  • Small Groups – We keep our group sizes low to allow our instructors to spend time with each participant individually. We find the children benefit from this individual attention and ultimately learn to swim faster.

What Our Customers Say –

We are currently in our third term with Dotty where she has been teaching swimming to our son who is now 16 months old. He was around 8 months when he started Term 1 with her. The quality of teaching is excellent, Dotty has the perfect blend of technical knowledge, humour and rapport with the children. She is clearly passionate about teaching swimming and working with children. The classes are highly structured with gradual techniques that allow the children to develop new skills and build confidence. You can see your child becoming better as the class progress which is a joy. Each class has a mix of essential life saving skills which develop the child's survival instinct e.g. using a float, holding onto the side, underwater confidence, jumping in from the side, turning and swimming back to the poolside etc. Plus play with toys and the other children. It is an excellent combination of fun and key skills development. Dotty is an excellent communicator both with the parents and children and this shows with the excellent relationships she builds with the children at all ages. I will use Dotty for all of our future classes so much so that I would happily travel to a different area to participate in her sessions. I would recommend her without hesitation to any prospective parents looking for superior quality swimming tuition.
Justin and Natalie Smith, Epsom
Through baby/parent classes and toddler swimming Dotty has helped my 3 year old daughter to swim without buoyancy aids, it is amazing. My 10 month old baby daughter also swims under water, holds onto the side of the pool through learning to swim with Dotty. I whole heartedly recommend this amazing experience to you.
Paul, Caterham
Dotty has been taking my 14 months old son for the swimming lessons for the past 6 months. Dotty keeps the lessons fun and structured to allow him and the other babies in our group to gain confidence in the water while having lots of fun.
Daniel Sullivan, Epsom
Dear Dotty, Thank you so much for all your teachings and enthusiasm for the past couple of years. Lucas has really benefited and now loves swimming and the water... he always asks for you and can't wait for Saturdays. We are immensely grateful for this wonderful gift you gave him. P.S. Lucas will miss you.
Claudia, Julian and Lucas, Surbiton

You can take your baby swimming at any age. The Department of Health says that there’s no need to wait until your baby has had their immunisations. Please go to for more information.Lessons centre on teaching the parents to teach their babies to swim, whilst giving them the support to bond and have fun with their newborns. The first year of a baby’s life is crucial in terms of their development as it is in this period that their brain grows most rapidly. Regular swimming lessons will challenge your baby’s body and mind, helping to prepare them for learning. Baby swimming is completely natural; having spent months surrounded by fluid in the womb babies have a real affinity with water.

You’ll find a lot of information on our children’s swimming classes on this website. Our FAQ page has answers to many of the most frequently asked questions. If you do have a question please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form on our contact page or the phone number above.

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