Covid 19 Rules and Guidance

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have some extra rules and guidance for participants and parents, that we all need to abide by, so that we can continue to teach children to swim.

On arrival to the pool please remove the shoes and you will be directed to your area on poolside. Please wait for your teacher to invite you into the pool. If you are in the Baby class, your instructor will be helping to hold your baby so you can enter the water safely. She will be wearing a mask and sanitising her hands in the chlorinated pool water between handling each baby. For the rest of the lesson the mask will be removed and for the safety of all participants, the instructor will remain in the water, maintaining her distance.

If your child is in one of the 4 years + group, please bring your daughter/son “beach ready” to the pool and leave her/him with the instructor. Please wait outside or in your car and come back at the end of the lesson to help them dress and collect them.

There will be essential rules to follow regarding Covid-19. Please find below a (long) list of rules to support our swimmers & parents in playing their part in our safe re-opening.

Pool Rules

  • Do not come to swimming if you are showing any symptoms of Covid or feeling unwell or you and your family are in self-isolation. Any member that is: symptomatic, has been contacted by the Government’s track and trace system, is awaiting the results of a covid test (or has had a positive test) or has returned from a destination that requires a period of quarantine must not come to the swim lessons until the relevant isolation time has been completed and/ or a negative covid19 result has been received. This is to keep themselves and the rest of our members safe.
  • Please arrive not earlier than 5 minutes before the lesson starts.
  • Only one adult per baby in the water.
  • No spectators.
  • All swimmers must shower at home pre and post swimming – come ‘beach’ ready. Do not enter the changing room or shower areas – these will be taped off.
  • On entry / exit to the pool wash your hands in the disabled toilet available or at the antibac station at the entrance door.
  • The disabled toilet is the only toilet in use.
  • Maintain social distancing. Do not make physical contact with other participants in the pool facility.
  • Swimmers to leave in costumes and towelling robes/track suits/ onesie or similar. Except for the babies who will be changed on poolside.
  • Equipment/toys will be cleaned in-between use. Submerging toys in adequately disinfected swimming pool water will reduce the risk of transmission of viruses.
  • No sharing of equipment between bathers during sessions.
  • Please do not wheel your pushchair inside the pool area. There is a sheltered space for pushchairs outside the pool entrance.
  • Children must always be supervised on poolside.
  • Do not enter the pool until invited by your instructor.
  • Used baby nappies must be taken away as nappy bin will not be provided.
  • Strictly no photography or videos on poolside.
  • Use of baby powder is not permitted on poolside.
  • Food and drink (other than water) are not permitted on poolside, please bring your own named ‘pre-filled’ water bottle.
  • Please strive to vacate the poolside as soon as you and your child are ready after your session is finished.
  • The school grounds and other facilities are out of bounds.
  • Smoking on school grounds is prohibited.
  • Dogs are not allowed on school grounds.