Covid Refund Claim Form

Dear valued customers,

When Little Fishes closed due to the world pandemic in March 2020, we were almost halfway through our Spring course. Saturday classes completed only 3 weeks of lessons due to earlier closure at Valence School and other classes completed 4 weeks. All classes missed 5 weeks!

I hope that a lot of you will want to continue your swimming with us when we are able to offer regular lessons in our regular venues and in the new venue in Godstone. If you want to continue swimming with us, I’d appreciate it if you could claim your refund as credit which you’ll be able to use against your next booking. If you prefer however, I can also refund you to PayPal or by bank transfer if that is how you paid us originally. Please be aware that refunds may take longer to process as I need to get back to business to ensure I have sufficient funds available, thank you for your understanding in these difficult times. If you choose to claim your refund as credit, I’ll email you a coupon that you can use when booking on our website.

If you attended catch up sessions in Oakhyrst Grange School during August, you will have one week credit/refund left.

If you were unable to attend the catch-up sessions in August, there will be other options.

Please fill in the form below to let me know which refund option you prefer.

If you have more than one child with Little Fishes, you can send just one form but ensure all children in your family are clearly detailed. Please provide the details of the class attended before the lockdown.

Thank you again for your understanding and continued support. Like everyone I’m sure, I’m looking forward to life getting back to something more like normal and getting your little fishes back in the pool again!